Test Sieve Shaker – SIEVEA 502

The HMK14-DZ test sieve shaker is capable of applying an eccentric weight fitted on lower and upper ends of an electric motor shaft in order to alter the motor rotary motion into three elementary motions – vertical, inclined and horizontal. The motion is then transferred to the screen surface.

Professional shaking tends to cause the materials to tumble, jump and rotate simultaneously. It provides repeatable and precise sieving testing results every time the shaker is used by the operator.

The HMK14-DZ functions with basic test sieves in order to measure the particle size distribution of powdery or granular materials.

Key Features

  • Can measure both powdery and granular materials
  • Determines impurities or solid content in liquid
  • Repeatable and precise sieving testing results
HMK14-DZ Test Sieve Shaker

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