Cypher™ ES Polymer Edition - Atomic Force Microscope

No other AFM matches the Cypher™ ES Polymer Edition’s versatility and performance for polymer science research and development.

The Polymer Edition comes with all the tools and techniques for enhancing one’s polymer research, including;

Cypher ES Environmental AFM

  • Routinely achieves higher resolution than ordinary AFMs
  • Fastest scanning provides results in seconds instead of minutes

blueDrive Photothermal Excitation

  • Makes all tapping mode techniques simpler to operate
  • Makes nanomechanical imaging modes more quantitative
  • Makes imaging more stable, even when changing temperature

High Temperature Sample Heater

  • Heats samples at up to 250 °C in controlled gas environments
  • No-hassle operation without additional cables, controllers and tubing

Fast Force Mapping Mode

  • Captures every curve, including both deflection and Z sensor
  • Captures high-speed force curves for storage modulus mapping
  • Supports many indentation models, including DMT, Hertz, Sneddon and JKR

AM-FM Viscoelastic Mapping Mode

  • The fastest nanomechanical mapping mode (>20 Hz line rates)
  • Operates over a wide modulus range (~50 kPa to 300 GPa)
  • Quantitatively maps both storage modulus and loss tangent

Contact Resonance Viscoelastic Mapping Mode

  • Quantitatively maps both storage modulus and loss modulus
  • Ideal for higher-modulus materials (1 GPa to 300 GPa)

GetStarted Automated Image Optimization

  • Automatically improves imaging parameters before the scan even begins
  • Get great data from the first scan line with no tip or sample damage

Annealing of a PS-PB-PS polymer thin film in toluene vapor.

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