Automated Nanoindentation/Microindentation – M3

The M3 is considered to be a breakthrough in technology that focuses on two distinct aspects missing in the hardness testing market. First, the blend of three factors never before available: automated controlled load and depth, nano via micro range (ASTM E2546) with a competitive price in order to compete in the $20K market. This provides universities and smaller R&D units to affordable nanoindentation competence.

The M3 launches a totally new user capability within this price range, offering affordable access to easy and quick nanoindentation results under ASTM standard. Second, is to provide next generation technology in order to replace the standard Visual Micro Vickers Hardness Testers that have not changed for more than 15 years. To attain this, the indentation method has been made completely automated without the need for visually observing the indent which eradicates problems or user error with the help of image recognition software that may have issues with material texture and color.

Additionally, this new technology can attain lower load and will operate on thin coatings and all types of materials including polymers, metals, ceramics and others. The completely automated system has a touch screen start that offers automatic average of multiple measurements in minutes. The unit is compact and completely contained with just one standard electrical cable to connect. These improvements in technology and the extremely competitive price, allow the M3 line to be the replacement of choice for older Micro Vickers Tester currently used in industrial high throughput quality control environments. Input function includes: Creep Time and Material Type, Load. Output function includes: Youngs Modulus and Creep Depth and Hardness.

  • Completely automated with touchscreen
  • Low Price Nano or Microindentation (ASTM E2546)
  • First of its kind
  • Compact contained design

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