Piezo Nanopositioners from Aerotech

Aerotech’s QNP series piezo stages, drives, controls, and software make positioning to nanometers extremely easy. QNP stages are available in XY, Z, linear, and high-dynamic versions with sub-nanometer resolution and nanometer-level linearity for high-throughput processes that require precision. The Ensemble QLAB stand-alone controller has high-end functionality with many latest tools while providing an easy-to-use contemporary interface for one to four axes of piezo motion.

The Ensemble QDe desktop and QL/QLe panel-mount piezo drive series are designed for smooth use with the Ensemble series of drives and controls, and enable coordinated motion between servo axes and piezo stages at much higher rates than other products. The Ndrive QL/QLe panel-mount piezo drives are engineered for use with the high-power Automation 3200 (A3200) motion controller, and also enable coordinated motion between piezo stages and servo axes at extremely high rates – with the ease of use and wide-ranging A3200 software library at one’s disposal.

Powerful, Easy-to-Use Piezo Controls and Software

Aerotech’s motion controllers allow control of up to 32 axes of servo, piezo, and stepper motor stages with special communication protocols, no integration headaches, or custom software. The A3200 and Ensemble control packages include a range of features and diagnostic capabilities like single- or multi-axis Position Synchronized Output (PSO) for real-time event triggering, and innovative control features that enhance tracking error and total process throughput.

The Ensemble QLAB standalone controller has high-end functionality with numerous advanced tools while providing an easy-to-use modern interface for one to four axes of piezo motion.

The Ensemble QDe, Ndrive QL/QLe, and Ensemble QL/QLe, allow users to easily network piezo drives with servo stages and perform securely coordinated motion with all of these axes.

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