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The Clean Cube from Clean Environments

The self-supporting structure of the Clean Cube considerably decreases both on-site engineering and assembly time when compared with a traditional cleanroom. It is an economical way to create a permanent cleanroom.

Clean Cube is a Fully Modular System

Units can be made to customer’s specifications.


This product was inspired by the necessity for something more enduring than the Clean Tent. The Clean Cube is a self-supporting structure in a modular design form which decreases on-site engineering and assembly time considerably. The Clean Cube does not normally need any planning permissions so estate department interventions are decreased.


The Clean Cube is a modular 1200 mm wall frame system designed from box section anodized aluminum, which locks together to form the perimeter of the room. The walls are infilled with glass panels to utilize ambient light. A structural T-grid ceiling provides the location for air conditioning, fan/filter units, and recessed lights. The maximum column free span is 6 m.

Air System

The Moorfield fan filter units (FFU) are provided with a HEPA ISO 5 compliant filter and pre filter. The FFU is regulated by a variable speed rotary dial and on/off switch. The fan can offer up to 1100 m3/hour through the filter at the industry standard 0.45 m/second face velocity.

This guarantees that the air change rate at the work station is high for the specified Class specification. The air system functions on vertical laminar flow principles, exhausting via modifiable vents set low in the wall panels.

Achievable Class Levels

               Class 100,000.    ISO 8

Class 10,000.      ISO 7

Class 1,000         ISO 6

Class 100.           ISO 5

Note: Cannot realize above ISO 8 class 100,000 without a gowning room. Cannot realize above class ISO 7 10,000 with a soft entrance (strip curtain).


Although a standard size is offered, the huge majority of the Clean Cubes sold are to custom sizes. Other options include:

  • Gowning rooms
  • Solid doors
  • Soft entrances (strip curtain)
  • Pass-through hatches and personnel / equipment loading doors
  • Air conditioning and recycle air ducting added as required as per a normal cleanroom


Fan 280 W, 230 vac 50 Hz standard
Supply 5 A, 230 vac 50 Hz single phase 3-pin plug

Fan Filter Unit

Lifespan Full speed 20,000 hours continuous


Vmax at face 0.45 m/second
Lifespan Approximately 5 years in lab conditions with continuous fan


EU8 polyester pre filter 400 mm x 400 mm
Lifespan Approximately four weeks in lab conditions with continuous fan

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