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The Clean Shower from Clean Environments

The Clean Shower is a laminar down flow booth designed for use in cleanrooms to form a micro climate of approximately two levels better residual particulate quality with regard to ambient. It is a walk in, micro climate workstation.

Clean Shower is a fully modular system

Units can be made to customer’s specifications.


The Moorfield fan filter unit is positioned within either a structural T-grid suspended ceiling, or a perspex ceiling to capitalize on ambient light. The ceiling is positioned on top of an anodized aluminum frame, either on castors or static. Clear soft wall strip curtains surround the frame to permit all-out flexibility for services and as much ambient light into the work station as possible. An adaptable speed controller is fixed on one of the support legs.

Air System

The Moorfield fan filter units (FFU) are HEPA ISO 5 compliant filter and pre-filter. This works on a 240 v standard mains plug. The FFU is regulated by a variable-speed rotary dial.

The fan can offer up to 1100 m3 /hour through the filter at the industry standard 0.45 m/second face velocity. The air system works on horizontal laminar flow principles, exhausting via user controlled zip vents in both the gowning room and work cabin.


  • Lighting
  • Electrical pack
  • External ducting
  • Custom frame size
  • Solid wall (perspex sides)
  • Castors to frame legs
  • Differential pressure gauge


Fan 280 W, 230 vac 50 Hz standard
Electrical Supply 5 A, 230 vac 50 Hz single phase 3-pin plug

Fan Filter Unit

Lifespan Full speed 20,000 hours continuous


Vmax at face 0.45 m/second
Lifespan Approximately 5 years in lab conditions with continuous fan


G4 Pleated Pre Filter 475 mm x 370 mm
Lifespan Approximately three months in lab conditions with continuous fan

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