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Clean Tent - Model 1700

The Clean Tent from Clean Environments offers an innovative solution for users that require temporary cleanrooms, training facilities, disaster recovery or clean storage. Consisting of two separate areas - an airlock entry/gowning room and a main work cabin - the Clean Tent is simple to set up and use, even in the field.


  • Groundsheet - anti-static reinforced Tryoll
  • PVC envelope surrounds gowning room and work cabin
  • Fan and filter units - fitted on work cabin gable wall at work station level

Air System

  • The Moorfield fan filter units (FFU) - HEPA ISO 5 accredited filter
  • Uses standard mains plug (240v)
  • Variable-speed rotary dial
  • 1100m3/hour through filter at industry standard 0.45 m/sec face velocity
  • User-controlled zip vents



  • A Filter Unit Fan - 280W, 230vac, 50Hz standard
  • Electrical Supply - 5A, 230vac, 50Hz single phase 3 pin plug

Fan Filter Unit

  • Lifespan - 20,000 hours continuous at full speed

HEPA h14

  • Vmax at face - 0.45m/sec
  • Expected HEPA lifespan - 5 years in lab conditions, with continuous fan


  • G4 pleated pre-filter - 475mm x 370mm
  • Expected filter lifespan - approximately three months in lab conditions, with continuous fan


  • 6100mm (L) x 3650mm (W) x 2150mm (H)
  • Capacity - 5 people

Gowning Room

  • 1200mm (L) x 3650mm (W) x 2150mm (H)

Work Cabin

  • 4900mm (L) x 3650mm (W) x 2150mm (H)

Additional Options

  • Hard flooring
  • Pass-through facility
  • Emergency pole or UPS structure
  • Step-over bench
  • Work station benches
  • Flight case
  • Installation and accreditation

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