AFM Probe – Scout 350 T

The NuNano Scout 350 T can be ordered in a pack of 10 general purpose AC mode silicon AFM probes, suitable for use in non-contact/tapping mode in air, as well as on hard and stable softer samples. The Scout 350 T probes are ideal for step height measurements and training new users, where price is more important than tip sharpness. Scout 350 T probes can be ordered without a coating or with an aluminum reflex backside coating.

Feature Highlights

  • Spring Constant range: 25-70 N/m
  • Resonant Frequency range: 300-400 kHz
  • Rectangular shape
  • Length range: 123-127 µm
  • Width range: 28-32 µm
  • Thickness range: 4.0-5.0 µm
  • Composed of n-type antimony silicon material
  • Resistivity: 0.015-0.025 Ωcm

Tip Specifications

  • Radius range: 10-40 nm
  • Height range: 5-8 µm
  • Set back range: 6.5-8.5 µm
  • Conical shape
  • Cone Angle range: 15-40°
  • Comprised of n-type antimony silicon
  • Resistivity: 0.015-0.025 Ωcm

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