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Chirascan™ Q100 Spectrophotometer – HOS Analysis of Biomolecules

The Chirascan Q100 Circular Dichroism (CD) Spectrophotometer provides sensitive information on the higher order structure (HOS) characteristics of complex biomolecules. The Chirascan Q100 is equipped with both reproducible robotics and high-performance circular dichroism (CD) spectrometry to generate high-quality data that is compatible with most stringent statistical analysis techniques. The Chirascan Q100 can analyze 48 buffer-sample pairs over a 24 hour period, which saves the user a lot of time as the most experienced CD operator can only process a maximum of 14 samples each day when using a manual system. The Chirascan Q100 exhibits an unmatched productivity and performance rate as it allows for unattended operation of a 96 well plate. Additionally, the Chirascan Q100 software is capable of inspecting raw data and automatically averaging/correcting the baseline for HOS comparison.

Component Highlights

  • A molecular sieve: An activated charcoal filter that removes common gas impurities in samples
  • Air-cooled xenon lamp: Can be controlled by computer software and up-time recorded
  • Photoelastic modulator: Converts horizontally polarized light to circularly polarized light. This modulator is also capable of alternating between left- and right-handed circular polarized light.
  • Water circulator: Dissipates heat from the sample chamber and sample storage Peltiers.
  • Optics-based multiwavelength calibration: Ensures accuracy of CD
  • Active nitrogen management system: Regulates purge gas consumption and is controlled by computer software
  • Monochromator: Produces horizontally and linearly polarized monochromatic light. Dual polarizing prisms within the monochromator maximize the light throughput.
  • Temperature-controlled sample chamber: Maintains consistent analytical conditions and continuous temperature ramps, in which the temperature is measured directly in the sample.
  • Avalanche Photodiode Detector: Allows for the highest sensitivity by ensuring a high signal: noise ratio
  • Photomultiplier detector
  • Integrated Autosampler: Eliminates sample handling errors by ensuring precise liquid handling and reproducibility. Temperature-controlled storage of samples maintains sample integrity

  • Fixed Flow Cells: eliminate any errors during cuvette handling and pathlength can be optimized according to concentration and absorbance

  • Cuvettes and Holders: Selected for both far- and near-UV CD analysis of biomolecules

Control and Analysis Software

  • Ensures that all experiment conditions are free from oxygen with a nitrogen purge
  • Saves investigator time with scheduled start-up/shutdown of lamp and nitrogen supply
  • Run parameters are easily defined with store standard protocols
  • Capable of detecting flow cell to choose best run/wash/dry protocol
  • A fail-safe lamp that switches off in the case that nitrogen flow drops

HOS Comparison Software

  • Generates statistically validated comparisons

Global Thermodynamic Analysis

  • Obtains melting points and enthalpies from multi-wavelength and thermal denaturation experiments

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