Automated Acquisition of Particle Parameters with SEM

The Phenom desktop SEM with ParticleMetric software facilitates smooth generation and analysis of SEM images. The in-built ParticleMetric software allows the user to collect morphology and particle size data for numerous submicron particle applications.

The totally automated measurements of ParticleMetric allow a level of visual exploration surpassing optical microscopy that can result in new discoveries and innovations in powder design, development, and quality control.

The Phenom particle analysis solution allows users to acquire the data they require, when they need it. Therefore, ParticleMetric speeds up particle analysis and enhances product quality.

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Key Specifications

  • Producing image datasets with free available Automated Image Mapping
  • Correlating particle features such as circularity, aspect ratio, diameter, and convexity
  • Integrated software in ProSuite for offline and online analysis
  • Advanced detection algorithm with default settings for non-expert user and advanced settings for experts

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