Tosca AFM Series Combines Premium Technology with Time-Efficient Operation

The atomic force microscope Tosca streamlines AFM measurements by automating complex measurement steps to increase efficiency.

There are two different models available: Tosca 400, a large-sample premium AFM, and Tosca 200, an AFM for medium-sized samples and limited budgets. Both provide the same level of performance, flexibility, and quality.

The Main Steps to Achieve Peak Performance AFM

  • Completely automatic laser alignment: Once the cantilever is loaded onto the actuator body and the actuator body onto the AFM head, Tosca performs the laser alignment automatically after merely two clicks on the screen.
  • Minimized out-of-plane motion: The special instrument design (decoupled XY- and Z-scanner architecture) leads to a very low cross talk between the scanners and a very low out-of-plane motion. The out-of-plane motion, which leads to the typical background curvature or “bow”, is a known drawback of conventional AFM systems with a tube scanner. The Tosca series has an up to 20 times lower out-of-plane motion than available tube-scanner AFMs.
  • Large scan area combined with the highest accuracy: With an X-Y scan range of up to 100 µm and a Z-range of up to 15 µm, the user has the flexibility to image wide areas of samples with large topography changes. With the click-and-move navigation of the Tosca Control software users can select their area of interest quickly and accurately.
  • The easiest engagement procedure on the AFM market: Tosca has an integrated side-view camera. Users can track the distance between the cantilever and the sample directly on the instrument’s screen and safely bring the cantilever close to the surface (even for transparent samples and samples of complex geometry).
  • The easiest engagement procedure itself is automated and thus prevents handling errors. The cantilever is brought onto the surface of the sample automatically and is set for scanning in a matter of seconds.
  • Patented cantilever exchange tool Probemaster: This special tool simplifies the complicated handling of cantilevers and reduces it to merely a few seconds. The cantilever is placed within the marked area and then slid into the actuator body. Probemaster works with all standard size cantilevers, no matter the brand or manufacturer.
Tosca Atomic Force Microscope

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