Tosca™ 400 - The First AFM Specially Designed for Industrial Users

Premium AFM technology is usually used in highly scientific environments and the complicated work steps frequently trouble users. The Tosca™ 400 provides a solution to this situation: It streamlines AFM measurements by automating difficult work steps and is thus the first AFM that is ideal for industrial users as well. It increases the efficiency and makes the handling of AFM measurements easier.

The main steps to achieve peak performance AFM:

  • Completely automatic laser alignment: The automated alignment saves time and is applicable even for inexperienced users. Once the cantilever is loaded onto the actuator body and the actuator body onto the AFM head, the instrument performs the laser alignment automatically after merely two clicks on the screen.
  • The easiest engagement procedure on the AFM market: The Tosca™ 400 has an integrated side-view camera. It is possible for users to check the distance between the cantilever and the sample directly on the instrument’s screen and move the cantilever close to the surface without the necessity to peek through the instrument. The engagement procedure itself is automated and thus prevents handling errors. Users can just start it in the software. The cantilever is lowered onto the surface of the sample automatically and is set for scanning in a matter of seconds.
  • Probemaster cantilever exchange tool: This special tool minimizes the complicated handling of cantilevers to merely a few seconds. The cantilever just can be placed anywhere in the marked area and then slid into the actuator body. The extensive space for positioning a cantilever into the Probemaster makes it easy to handle, even for users without experience. Furthermore, the instrument works well with all cantilevers, irrespective of the brand or manufacturer.
  • Advanced sample navigation: The Tosca™ 400 moves the cantilever from one position of the sample to the other in virtually no time. Just start an overview image of the entire sample table and click on the preferred position within the overview image – the instrument navigates to the area of preference for the following measurement.
  • Large scan area in all directions integrated with the highest accuracy: The Tosca™ 400 allows accurate surface and roughness analysis for a broad range of sample types – facilitated by the X-Y scan range of up to 100 μm and the Z range of 15 μm.

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