Hole Transport Material for Printed Electronics - P-21

The hole transport material from Avantama for printed electronics can be coated by doctor blading, slot-die coating, or spin coating on top of the active material or the electrode. For other HTL materials, Avantama P-30 or Avantama P-10 can be referred.


  • Compatible with perovskite absorbers
  • Compatible with silver nanowires
  • Post-treatment is not required
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Product Number 10128
Composition NiO
Particle size (nm) 7
Work function (eV) 5.2
Concentration (wt%) 2.5
Solvent Ethanol
Viscosity (cP) 1.3
Application Methods
  • Spin coating / Doctor blading
  • Slot die
  • Hole injection
  • Hole transport
  • Electron blocking
  • Charge recombination
  • OLED
  • OPV
  • Perovskite PV
  • QLED
  • Printed photodetectors
Selected publications
  • Adv. Mater. 2016, 28, 5112–5120

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