Synchronous Laser Diffraction and Dynamic Image Particle Analyzer - Sync

Microtrac’s Sync is synchronizing size and shape measurement into a single instrument. One sample, one sample flow path, one sample cell, one bench, one analysis.

  • Measurement from 0.01 to 4000 µm
  • Laser diffraction and image analysis combined in a single instrument
  • Easily switch between dry and wet measurements

Changing the Paradigm for Material Characterization

The Microtrac Sync is the first synchronous size and shape particle analyzer that combines laser diffraction technology with dynamic image analysis technology. Users can currently obtain their tried and true particle size distribution along with particle morphology in a single, user-friendly graphical user interface.

The Sync analyzes particles, dry or wet, with laser light while concurrently a high-speed digital camera captures images. The data gathered is processed by Microtrac’s FLEX software and provides the user with particle size and shape information. The Sync enables users to obtain more comprehensive information about their material than ever before.

Sync Features

  • Synchronous size and shape analysis
  • Combines the world’s leading laser diffraction and dynamic image analysis technology into a single instrument
  • Easy to use, integrated DIA and LD FLEX software
  • Advanced design for unsurpassed dispersion of dry or wet material
  • Fast and easy switch between dry and wet systems — click and go
  • Small bench footprint
  • Powerful reporting that incorporates particle size and shape data

Sync Benefits

  • Particle shape does influence particle performance and can change — users can presently describe their product in a more detailed and beneficial way utilizing both shape and size parameters
  • Considerably reduced troubleshooting time when particle size is not what is expected
  • Ease of use and ease of changeover from wet to dry enables sites with many users to just click and go when testing various materials — no learning curve and with SOPs, no installation time
  • View Particles allows users to see particles and qualify more comprehensively than ever before
  • Improve quality control by incorporating shape into user’s size specifications
  • Same sample, same flow path, same bench, same sample cell — single run yields PSD with over 30 size and shape parameters

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