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The Type II Faraday Cage

The Type II Faraday Cage provides simplified assembly and improved access. Its “window-shade” type retracting front panel is simpler to operate than hinged doors and creates minimal disruption when modified.

This front panel stays in place without a fastener and may be situated anywhere between closed and fully opened. The whole unit may be assembled in a few minutes with a screwdriver (provided) and the front door is delivered assembled.

This cage incorporates the same copper-mesh material and stainless steel frame as previous models. It requires and mounts to TMC’s full-perimeter enclosures and to our CleanBench lab tables.

Our 40 inch tall Type II Faraday Cages now have a convenient 2 inch diameter hole in the base of the rear and side panels. This attribute makes cable interface to the interior of the cage simple. The hole is sleeved with a rounded rubber liner for durability and to shield sharp edges.

We now also provide a new version of our armrest pads that is compatible with our cages. These armrest pads are almost identical to our non-Faraday Cage pads but attach with Velcro straps rather than clips or magnets.

Type II Cage

  • Optional "U" shaped hanging shelf
  • Optional non-isolated sliding shelf oriented front-to-rear
  • Full perimeter enclosure required to mount cage
  • New 2 in. diameter holes for cable passage
  • Optional armrest pads are now available with Faraday Cages

BenchTop Cage

  • Bench-mounted cage does not require vibration table
  • BenchTop Cage includes stainless steel baseplate

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