Multi-Purpose Acoustic Enclosures

TMC has provided custom acoustic enclosures for our equipment production customers for a number of years. The enclosures are highly engineered and uniquely suited to the particular tool being isolated.

The operators were put in a position of needing to design their own acoustic enclosures for their unique applications. Given the amount of design required, this was impractical. Demand emerged for a standard, off-the-shelf TMC enclosure including many of the attributes of our custom enclosures with the practicality of a single, multi-purpose design. The 83-500 Series Acoustic Enclosure was designed as this multi-purpose acoustic enclosure.


  • Robust handle and latch ensure comfort and ease of use
  • Enclosure compatible with TMC line of active and passiveTableTop™ vibration isolation systems
  • Hinged side panels, glass window, and caster
  • Steel exterior with powder-coat finish
  • Acoustic attenuation, up to 40 dB
  • Self-opening front panel retracts away from operator

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