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Stand-Alone Compact Real-Time Data Acquisition and Control System - ADwin-Gold-II

The ADwin-Gold-II Real-Time Data Acquisition System is a stand-alone, condensed real-time data acquisition and control system featuring a speedy, local DSP controller and memory, analog and digital inputs and outputs in addition to Ethernet or USB interface for communicating with a PC.

Contained in a robust metal housing, it is suitable for industrial use or in the field, in laboratories, on a DIN-rail in industrial machines, or in mobile and in-vehicle applications. Numerous options offer added functions such as counters, encoder interfaces, serial and CAN bus interfaces, and SSI interfaces.

The TiCo Coprocessor offers exact timing to meet the highest of requirements with the standard auxiliary processor. The independent, programmable TiCo has its own bus to access all inputs and outputs and interfaces. It is self-supporting and gives a very accurate TiCo signal pattern in the nanosecond range to simulate or examine interfaces of components for example.

With its rugged, compacted metal housing, the flexibility of the ADwin-Gold II means it can be used as a desktop unit; panel mounted or as a transferrable system together with a notebook. The supply voltage of 9 to 28 V permits measurements in both motor vehicles and in industrial environments.

Feature Highlights

  • 16 Analog Inputs, 18-Bit, 2 μs ADC
  • 2 Analog Outputs, 16-Bit (optional expansion to 8 outputs)
  • 32 Digital I/O's, TTL/CMOS Compatible
  • 1 Trigger Input – TTL/CMOS Compatible
  • Integrated Ethernet Communication Interface
  • ADSP21062 DSP CPU – 32-Bit, 300 MHz, 768 kB CPU RAM
  • Optional TICO co-processor
  • Robust and Compact Metal Enclosure
  • BNC and Dsub I/O connections
  • Optional counters, CAN, Serial Interface, Web Server

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