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ADwin-PRO-II Modular Real-Time Data Acquisition System

Descendant of ADwin- Pro product family, the ADwin-PRO-II Modular Real-Time Data Acquisition System is flexible and expandable. The innovative T12 processor delivers speedier operation and communicates data 10 times quicker with the new Pro II bus. The PRO-II backplane supports both the new Pro II I/O units and the older Pro I modules.

The Pro-II systems’ T12 processor unit utilizes the Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A9, with 1 GHz clock speed and 1 GB of internal memory for program and information, the PRO-II’s processing power is four times that of earlier versions. Additionally, the processor’s 64-bit internal calculation permits double precision floating-point calculations. Its accelerated Ethernet interface allows high-speed data broadcast to the PC at more than 1 Gb/s.

The bus bandwidth of up to 200 MByte/s knowingly improves the size of the internal traffic amongst the processor module and the new Pro-II output modules.

For all its greater presentation, the ADwin-PRO-II Modular Real-Time Data Acquisition System remains well-matched: on the backplane, both the new Pro-II and the current Pro-I bus work alongside each other so that the present input and output modules can be employed.

Data exchange with the PC remains compatible with all interfaces, including VB, Matlab, etc. Valued ADbasic source code can be reprocessed after amendments to the tried-and-tested algorithms, which also profit from the PRO-II’s advanced processor speed.

The new Pro-II system’s astonishing speed is ideal for applications requiring a high data rate. Additionally, the speedy T12 processor permits smart pre-selection of relevant data, mathematical functions or digital channel filtering.

All new Pro-II modules run on the Pro II bus routinely, allowing fully-synchronized time assessments from numerous modules without any special software effort.

The ADwin-PRO-II Modular Real-Time Data Acquisition System is suitable for use as a desk system for the lab, a portable system for travel, or as a system for panel mounting and is offered in the customary assortment of robust housing. ADwin’s extensive range of different modules and the system’s 5-16 slots are the ideal, flexible foundation for rapid real-time applications.

Feature Highlights

  • Analog In (Multiplexed or Parallel A/D), Analog Out, Digital I/O, Counters, CAN, LIN, and Serial, Cards
  • Up to 480 Analog Inputs, Digital I/O or a Combination of These
  • Full, Half and Quarter Rack Mainframes, AC or DC Powered Versions
  • High Performance 1GHz ARM Processor
  • Ethernet Communications Interface
  • Optional TICO Co-Processors Modules for Local Pre-processing

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