Micromechanical Testing and Assembly Station - FT-MTA02

The FT-MTA02 Micromechanical Testing and Assembly Station is a very versatile micromechanical testing instrument. Within a few minutes, it is possible to reconfigure the instrument for virtually any mechanical testing and manipulation function in the fields of biomaterials testing material science, and micro- and nanosystems characterization.

The FT-MTA02 integrates the FT-UMS1002 Universal Measurement Stand (tiltable digital microscope) and the FT-RS1002 Microrobotic System (detachable mechanical testing module).

FT-RS1002 Microrobotic System

The FT-RS1002 has a high-precision three-axis nanomanipulation unit. Integrated position encoders allow for closed-loop control over a range of 26 mm in xyz with nanometer resolution. Tool adapter mounts enable mounting of the FT-S Microforce Sensing Probes and FT-G Microgrippers in various orientations (vertical, horizontal, and different angles). The controller of the FT-RS1002 comprises a hardware-level overload protection.

FT-UMS1002 Universal Measurement Stand

The FT-UMS1002 is an extremely adaptable digital microscope system. The zoom microscope can be tilted to the side and provides different lighting modes (ring light, coaxial and backlight). The FT-UMS1002 comprises a three-axis sample stage and two adaptable tables for mounting auxiliary equipment.

Micromechanical Testing and Assembly Station - FT-MTA02

Vertical Compression Testing with Tilted Microscope
FT-RS1002 Mounted on Inverted Microscope

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