Measure the Surface Potential Between an Oscillating Conductive Tip and the Surface - Kelvin Force Microscopy HD-KFM

The High Definition-Kelvin Force Microscope (HD-KFM) is an advanced instrument for KFM – a technique that allows the potential of a surface to be probed using an oscillating conductive cantilever.

This measurement can be used to analyze the intrinsic behavior of materials such as semiconductors, to determine properties such as the bandgap or work function.

The HD-KFM is an extremely sensitive KFM, which can collect information on both surface potential and topography by the use of 2 locks in which are paired with the cantilever’s primary and secondary eigenmode frequencies.

This method delivers both the advantages of a single-pass method with an enhanced electrical signal as a result of matching the mechanical resonance.

Key Applications

  • Semiconductor research and development
  • Life science and medical
  • Polymer science
  • Materials science

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