Thin Film Measurement Using Spectroscopic Reflectance and Transmittance

Using Spectroscopic Reflectance and Transmittance for Thin Film Measurement - MProbe NIR

The MProbe NIR system is used to measure spectroscopic reflectance and/or transmittance in NIR, thus enabling operators to easily examine applications that are optically opaque at visible and/or UV wavelengths.

It should be noted that the MProbe NIRHR, which operates at a wavelength range of 1500 nm to 1550 nm, offers the ability to measure thick films and wafers, such as quartz, Ge and Si.

The MProbe NIR is appropriate for a number of useful applications, some of the most common of which are: rough surface interfaces, solar cells absorbers (e.g. CIGS, CdTe), Si, Ge, dyed polymers and other light scattering applications (high haze polymer web).

Product Features

The product features a thickness range from 50 nm – 1,800 mm, with wavelength ranges of 900-700 nm and 1,550-1,550 nm. Over five hundred items are available in the materials library. Operators can add new materials with ease, and the product supports parameterized materials, including Cauchy, Tauc-Lorentz, Cody-Lorentz and EMA.

The system boasts an adaptable interface which can be used at a desktop or in-situ, along with R&D or inline. A TCP Modbus interface allows for simple integration with an external system. Measurements of both thickness and optical constants can be taken with ease.

The system is simple to use, with measurement and analysis carried out through a single click. Despite its straightforward build, it boasts powerful tools, including scaling correction, linked layers and materials, stimulation and sensitivity, dynamic measurements, background, production batch processing, and linked layers and materials.

The package includes the main unit, consisting of spectrometer, light source and electronics; the reflectance probe VisNIR; the sample holder SH200A with VisACH focusing lens; a calibration set; TFCompanion – RA software; and a power adaptor with USB cable.

Thin Film Measurement using Spectroscopic Reflectance and Transmittance

CIGS measurement: thickness and composition. Oscillations indicate transparency in NIR
MProbe system (desktop configuration)
MProbe NIR - Picture

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