Ceramic Coating Material for Automotive Paint Protection - Nasiol ZR53

Nasiol ZR53 is a unique ceramic coating material that crystallises exclusively at the nanoscale when applied. As it does not harden at higher scales, it achieves a complex two-layer coating system comprising a soft underlying layer and an uppermost layer that is hard and highly functional. This results in a superior combination of resistance and elasticity compared to other ceramic coatings.

It actively protects against harmful factors such as abrasion and corrosion. Acid rain, bird droppings, optical burning by ultraviolet light, poor washing methods, and small scratches can be mitigated by a single one-step application of Nasiol ZR53. This robust nanoscale coating ensures three years of unparalleled surface durability. Naisol ZR53 also has a 9H hardness.

Bumpers, car paint, and plastic trims can be treated with Nasiol ZR53 to achieve a highly-hydrophobic surface that accelerates cleaning methods with easy removal of dust, grime, and other organic matter. This helps you achieve a higher quality gloss and ensures your car stays cleaner for longer.

Included with Purchase in Retail Packaging:

  • 50ml of Nasiol ZR53
  • Two microfiber cloths
  • Ten Application pads
  • A pair of protective gloves
  • A Multilanguage application manual

How to Apply Car Paint Protection:

  • Carefully prepare surface, ensuring it is free of dust, dirt, oil, water, etc.
  • Apply product in a shaded area
  • Spread the product with one of the cloths provided
  • Immediately buff the surface with a dry cloth following application
  • Cure for 48 hours

ZR53 nano ceramic coating sold for 1lt., 5lt. and 30 lt. packages in industrial sales.

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