Water Repellent Glass and Ceramic Coatings - Nasiol C and Nasiol C1

Advanced water repellent nano coatings solutions for ceramic and glass surfaces are desirable for application areas as varied as architecture, automotive manufacturing, interior design, and energy generation.

Nasiol C was envisaged as the most complete solution to the challenges represented to glass and ceramics by common environmental factors like acid rain and icing. It is a powerful water repellent spray that generates a nanoscale coating on suitable surfaces. While actively repelling water and stains, this product also preserves protected surfaces from various fungi and harmful agents like lime.

It is often used as to improve the rain-resistant properties of automobiles and windows, eliminating the greasy residue that is common with traditional oil-based products. Nasiol C not only enhances the hydrophobicity of surfaces but also enhances their durability and imparts anti-stick and easy clean characteristics.

Nasiol-C glass and ceramic nanocoatings are easy to apply and offer permanent improvements to durability, providing long-service resistance to various base chemicals, acidic agents, and thermal cycling. These include windows in buildings and cars, bath tubs, sinks, washbasins, shower cabins, and tiles, and solar panel surfaces.

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