Panchromatic and RGB Cathodoluminescence Detection for SEM

Delmic offers two variations of the newest member of the SPARC cathodoluminescence (CL) detection product range, JOLT. The two variations are: a RGB color version and a panchromatic version. Easy-to-use and budget-friendly, JOLT is a CL detector controlled by an external control panel combined with a SEM control computer. It can be mounted on any Scanning Electron Microscope that has a free EDS port.

JOLT is a defined and novel detector and is highly suited for CL measurements on samples in ceramics, geology, (semiconductor) material science, as well as other applications.

An Affordable and Easy-to-Use CL Detection Solution

  • Mounted on a single port
  • No alignment needed
  • Two versions: RGB CL detection and Panchromatic CL detection
  • External control panel for signal controls and image optimization
  • Easy installation, user-friendly operation
  • Works in combination with other detectors
  • Compatible with all SEM models

You can download the SPARC brochure with exact system specifications here.

Feel free to contact our CL application specialist, Toon Coenen, at [email protected], for specific questions regarding the JOLT detection solution and the SPARC platform. Please contact Daan van Oosten Slingeland on [email protected] with any more general inquiries about other uses of the SPARC system.

Panchromatic and RGB Cathodoluminesence Detection for SEM

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