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Profilometer for a Wide Range of Samples with Varied Geometries - ST400

The ST400 is perfect for a great variety of samples with varied geometries, courtesy of its adjustable height clearance of as much as 200 mm, and its 150 mm X-Y stages. High magnification microscopy work is enabled by the optical microscope or optical video zoom functions. This can be undertaken together with the measuring of roughness and other properties at precisely chosen locations.

  • Video Imaging Integration
  • Customizable Options
  • High Sample Clearance
  • Spacious and Open Platform

The advanced software makes it simple to select zones on the video to be scanned automatically by Profilometer. For the automation of numerous aspects of testing, quality control options are available. These include macros for automatic testing and analysis recipes, database communications, and image pattern recognition.

Allowing speeds of as many as 200 times quicker than the single point sensor, chromatic Confocal line sensors are also available on this system. Also available are custom ST400s, which enable more open configurations which facilitate 360-degree rotation stages, larger X-Y stages, and numerous other custom configurations.

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