Mechanical Tester for Hardness, Scratch, and Wear Testing - CB500

In the CB500, a single module (either the micro or nano) is endowed with the full spectrum of testing modes including wear, hardness, and scratch. Such a broad range of uses within a single module is difficult to locate elsewhere at such a competitive, compact price.

  • Broad Application Use
  • Compact and Modern Design
  • Highly Competitive Price & Financing Option Now Available
  • Robust with Low Cost of Ownership

The CB500 boasts a video zoom microscope, a 50 mm Z stage, and automated 50 mm x 100 mm Z-Y stages. Full indentation capabilities are offered at an affordable price by a CB500 version with manual Z-Y table.

Every CB500 base is also capable of accommodating the cooling/humidity control chamber and the heating oven for environmental control testing. For research and quality control applications which focus on one broad load range, this is the perfect solution. The CB500 is robust and has a broad application use, low maintenance costs, a modern and compact design, and is extremely affordable.

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