Tribometer for Load Control, High Speed, and High Force - T2000

The Nanovea T2000 is the first dual controlled load Tribometer in the world, combining cutting edge linear electromagnetic stage with advanced pneumatic technology in order to provide controlled loading from 1 mN to 200 N during linear and rotative testing.

Many advantages are offered by the use of pneumatic from 5 to 200 N when compared with the dated spring/motor technologies which are used in other systems.

  • Dual Controlled Loads
  • Extreme Robust Design
  • Inline Line Sensor Capability
  • Friction, Wear, Scratch Testing

Generally, the load sensor is placed behind the spring with spring/motor technology. As a result, the actual variation of load applied on the surface throughout the test is not actually being measured.

A direct connection between the actual load cell and the ball holder is used for measurements by the T2000. This makes sure that the load which is measured represents the actual load applied on the surface.

The T2000’s linear electromagnetic loading system can apply vertical forces of between 0.2 and 20 N, at frequencies as high as 150 Hz. For instance, the pneumatic technology enables to normal load to be increased from 0 to 100 N. The linear motor can vary the load from 90 to 110 N, as many as 150 times every second.

This offers the unique chance to superimpose a vibration level or control fatigue on the main constant force which is applied by the pneumatic system. Very low loads of between 1 mN and 5 N can also be directly applied by this electromagnetic linear stage, in order to complete the full range. Rapid 3D Profilometry scanning and Full video imaging of the wear track is possible.

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