Even Plasma Treatment with High Throughput with FlexTRAK™ CDS Plasma System

The FlexTRAK CDS Plasma System available from Nordson March provides a number of advantages, thanks to its sophisticated features. These include:

  • Easy-to-use touch screen graphical user interface (GUI)
  • High volume with a compact use of resources
  • Strip handling system ready for use in production out of the box
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Extremely uniform plasma treatment with high throughput
  • Service parts can be easily accessed through pull-outs in front

High-Quality Processing of Plasma, with Low Resource Utilization and High Capacity

With Nordson March plasma technology to start with, the FlexTRAK CDS is another exclusive plasma system that comes with an integrated plasma chamber to guarantee a repeatable and uniform plasma process throughout. The FlexTRAK CDS system ensures that each area of the substrate receives an even coating, and also enables the process to be repeated with absolute reproducibility.

As a step up from smaller previous machines, the advanced FlexTRAK CDS system is also designed for processing substrates in laminated form, lead frame strips, or any other electronic components in strip form, at high speed, at around 10 strips for each plasma cycle.

The FlexTRAK CDS is capable of handling an entire range of strip sizes, enabling optimized production to any required schedule. The compact size of the plasma chamber combined with Nordson March’s exclusive regulatory system for the plasma process keeps the cycle times short while the process functions without any supervision for the most part.


The FlexTRAK CDS plasma processing machine is suitable for a wide range of tasks involving plasma for pre-underfill, pre-mold encapsulation, pre-die attach, and pre-wire bond, including:

Removal of Contamination and Cleaning of Surfaces

  • Metals and their oxides
  • Organic compounds
  • Halogens including fluorine

Etching and Roughening of Surfaces

  • Less delamination and more improved adhesion to the mold
  • Promotes die adhesion and wire bonding

Surface Activation

  • Better underfill flow with minimum voiding as well as enhanced adhesion and wicking speed
  • Better flow of mold material with less wire sweep and elimination of void formation
  • Better flow of the die adhesive with excellent adhesion and elimination of voids


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