Increased Quality of Plasma Processing with a Small Footprint but High Throughput

The FlexTRAK™ CD platform is designed to enable the processing of laminated materials, lead frame strips, or other electronic parts in strip form, at a high rate of up to five strips per plasma cycle. The plasma chamber is engineered to handle an extremely uniform and repeatable process, ensuring that all areas of the substrate receive the same type of treatment, even as the parameters are carefully controlled to guarantee that the results are reproducible at all times.

With the FlexTRAK™ CD platform, production turns out to be very flexible as a variety of strip sizes can be handled. With the chamber’s small size and the unique control system to control the process, the cycle times are decreased while the machine works unsupervised to a great extent.

Features and Advantages

  • High volumes with a compact design and low ownership cost
  • Even treatment of plasma
  • Easy graphical user interface (GUI)
  • High throughput
  • Front pullout shelves for quick access to service parts

Applications in Plasma Treatment

It handles plasma for pre-wire bond, pre-mold encapsulation, pre-die attach, and pre-underfill processes, as in the following scenarios:

Removing Contaminants and Cleaning the Surface

  • Metals and metal oxides
  • Halogens such as fluorine
  • Organic compounds

Etching and Surface Roughening

  • Improved die adhesion and wire bonding
  • Improved mold adhesion and less delamination

Surface Activation

  • Better flow of die adhesive, removing of voiding and enhanced adhesion
  • Boosts the flow of mold material, removes voids, and decreases wire sweep
  • Improved underfill flow, eliminates voids and increases adhesion, while enhancing wicking speed


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