Low-Cost Treatment of Flexible Materials with Excellent Efficiency

Nordson MARCH's FlexVIA™ Plasma System is a full self-contained vacuum plasma system that delivers an economical treatment of flexible materials with superior efficiency.

It has a cutting-edge horizontal electrode design that comes with an integral rack, offering an ideal material alignment for preserving plasma treatment consistency.

The FlexVIA System comprises of a compact chassis with two easy to access, front-loading doors. Its twin-rack chamber can contain up to 18 panels in a single cycle.

The plasma treatment of the flex material surface area can be performed uniformly in one step at a rate of 80 to 120 units per hour.

The system does not require heating and cooling, and therefore there is no need for extra temperature control or a blower. Therefore, the system cost is totally reduced.

The loading racks comprise of efficient slide out trays to hold a range of flexible materials. An intuitive touch screen GUI with a single-button start is used to regulate the system.

Economical and eco-friendly gases such as argon and oxygen are used rather than expensive fluorine gases.

The FlexVIA System is mainly used for the surface treatment of an inner layer flex prior to lamination, providing enhanced adhesion and reliability.

Key Features

The main features of the FlexVIA™ Plasma System are as follows:

  • Efficient design
  • Small footprint
  • Patented, industry-established plasma technologies offer superior surface treatment uniformity
  • Easy loading and adaptable horizontal racks ensure the highest throughput
  • Single stage plasma process at a rate of 80 to 120 units/hour
  • Cost-effective gas consumption
  • Intuitive touch screen GUI
  • Low cost of ownership

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