Meeting the Demands of the Changing Production Environment with the ModVIA™ Plasma System

The ModVIA™ plasma system is designed to meet the requirements of a changing production atmosphere. It strikes an ideal balance between its contemporaries, the Pro- and MaxVIA™ systems, and its forerunners, the PCB-800/1600 systems.

While the chamber design has been kept the same as the “PCB series” in size and function, all other features have been upgraded in the VIA series technology, ranging from control parameters and user interface to gas distribution and pump package. Furthermore, better capacity for plasma-treating PCB panels has become easier because of similar components and interface.

The ModVIA™ system can process high-mixture, low-volume products, thereby making it ideal for small- to medium-sized businesses, or research and development institutions. During high-production volume, the system can be scaled up from four plasma cells to up to eight plasma cells.

The ModVIA™ system is also self-contained and requires only a little floor space. The chassis houses many components such as the plasma chamber, control electronics, automatic matching network, 40 kHz RF generator, and pump/blower package. Front or rear access panels offer maintenance access.

The plasma chamber is built to process PCB panels in separate plasma cells so as to offer high etch rates with excellent treatment consistency. It is made up of high-quality aluminum to provide superior durability.

Application-Specific Technology

The ModVIA™ plasma system has the best of Nordson MARCH’s progressive technology. The High Flux Electrodes (HFE) design, utilized for creating plasma, was directly borrowed from the MaxVIA™-Plus plasma system. HFE can produce homogeneous plasma for treating PCB panels; including applications such as desmear and etchback.

The ModVIA™ plasma system is engineered to process malleable and stiff PCB panels of various shapes and sizes, and is suitable for blind and through-hole via applications. It can accommodate a range of process gases to meet every customer’s unique application requirements (standard process gases may consist of O2, N2, Ar, and CF4).

The ModVIA™ system’s standard model comes with three electronically controlled mass flow controllers (MFCs), which permit optimal control of gas. Optionally, two ore MFCs are available.

Key Features and Advantages

The main features and benefits of the ModVia™ plasma system are as follows:

  • Field upgradeable to match business operations and production requirements
  • Uses minimal floor space and houses a range of sizes of panels inside that small footprint
  • Integrated VIA™ Series technology decreases consumption of CF4 gas for desmear applications during treatment of PCB panel plasma
  • HFE with temperature-regulated cooling loop offers superior process consistency

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