Automated Fast Plasma Treatment with the FasTRAK™ Plasma System

Nordson March’s FasTRAK™ Plasma System provides the following advantages due to its state-of-the-art features, such as:

  • New tracking of materials by a camera-based method enables 100% validation of plasma treatment
  • The plasma chamber is designed for specific plasma processing of strips, in either direct or ion-free plasma treatment modes, and also designed for high efficiency
  • The flexible assembly enables handling  multiple strip dimensions together with variable magazine designs
  • The space occupation of the plasma system is kept low and the cost of ownership is also reduced by the low resource utilization and instrument volume, with the reuse of the magazine
  • Advanced robotic handling enables strip handling to be kept to a minimum, along with pulling or pushing, and reduces the level of required intervention by an operator

Strip Handling with Dependability

The advanced FasTRAK Plasma System is fully automated for a rapid plasma treatment system of lead-frame substrates or strips in laminate form, or other electronic components in strip form. The FasTRAK platform is smaller than the older models of strip processors by approximately 35% with a size of just 1.65 m by 1.5 m (width by depth). As the empty magazines do not need staging with this system, the plasma system provides reusable magazines, which further optimize the utilization of resources.

Existing robotic technology eliminates nearly all operator intervention at either magazine design or strip handling stages, and makes it possible to process a variety of sizes of strips and also magazines.

This flexibility enables fast and easy migration from one magazine or strip size to another, with the help of programmed techniques, so that tooling or hardware modifications are not needed.

The new robotic system has been tested and confirmed on the field, and comes with the added benefit of eliminating the handling of sensitive substrate materials which could worsen with such movements, like pushing or pulling, shifting, and G-forces.

In addition, the FasTRAK system employs new software to monitor materials together with an internal camera, which calculates the number of strips introduced and traces their path throughout the entire plasma treatment. This guarantees that the treatment is fully validated. Each batch can have around 10 strips which is a record in the industry with regards to the treatment rate in units per hour (UPH).

Moreover, the FasTRAK system employs a newly developed plasma chamber optimized for this specific application which can be configured for either direct or ion-free models of plasma treatment.

Plasma Treatment Processes

The plasma treatment process includes:

  • Pre-die attach to improve adhesion
  • Pre-wire bond to increase the pull strength and CpKs
  • Pre-mold for reducing delamination
  • Post-mold for eliminating flash
  • Pre-underfill for reducing the incidence of voids


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