Higher Uniformity and Better Productivity with the FlexTRAK®—SHS Plasma Treatment System

The FlexTRAK®-SHS is based on Nordson MARCH’s patented plasma technology and is the latest fully automated plasma system incorporating a high-capacity F3-S chamber. It provides improved productivity and high uniformity.

The chamber architecture has been maintained similar to the smaller FlexTRAK platform, thereby providing a smooth transition between chambers as production requires extra capacity.

The FlexTRAK®-SHS provides the following:

Market-Leading Throughput

  • F3-S process chamber with significant capacity
  • Concurrent strip buffering and processing
  • Sophisticated automation and magazine splitting features

New Product Development

  • Advanced jam detection
  • Optimized material handling
  • Capability to accommodate increasingly larger strip sizes

Application Flexibility

  • Process chamber that can be configured
  • Flexible treatment modes
  • Effectiveness of the plasma chamber

Important Applications

  • Pre-mold plasma treatment on semiconductor package substrates and lead frames
  • Pre-wire bond plasma treatment on semiconductor package substrates and lead frames
  • Decrease/eliminate oxidation on lead frames
  • Plasma treatment of lead frames and semiconductor package substrates for improved adhesion
  • Pre-underfill plasma treatment on flip-chip packages

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