3D Non-Contact Profilometer - Jr25

Nanovea’s 3D Non-Contact Profilometer, the Jr25 is the first truly portable high-performance Profilometer of its class. The Jr25 with its optional battery pack and carrying case delivers measurement capability during field studies. The Jr25 is engineered to utilize the excellent Chromatic Confocal method with total portability.

The Jr25’s total weight is below 5.5 kg; therefore, the operator can safely position it onto the surface under inspection. The Jr25 possesses the ability to measure an area up to 25 mm x 25 mm and concentrating on the surface is easy with a tuning range of 30 mm. With a 100% rotational scanning head, the Jr25 can measure surfaces at challenging angles. Along with rapid and easy usage, the Jr25 has been built precisely for production surroundings where samples cannot be shifted or in open field studies. The Jr25’s scanning head can also be incorporated onto automated robotic arms and other equipment.

  • First truly portable profilometer
  • Ultimate versatility - With a fully rotational scanning head, compact design, and complete portability, no surface is out of reach
  • Infinite possibilities – The Jr25 paves the way for research and quality control testing in tough environments that were out of reach to earlier generations of instruments
  • Revolutionary design - Performance of lab instruments presently available as a carry-on
  • X - Y scan area  - 25 x 25 mm
  • Height range - 2.5 nm to 25 mm
  • Desktop dimensions - 20 x 30 x 17 cm
  • Weight - Less than 5.5 kg
  • Chromatic confocal
    • Ideal for steep angles
    • Fast for large areas
    • Image stitching not required
    • Sample preparation not required
    • No refocusing
    • Very easy to use

3D Non-Contact Profilometer - Jr25

3D Non-Contact Profilometer - Jr25 - Picture 1
3D Non-Contact Profilometer - Jr25 - Picture 2
First truly portable profilometer
3D Non-Contact Profilometer - Jr25 - Picture 3
Ultimate versatility
Limitless Possibilities
Revolutionary Design
3D Non-Contact Profilometer - Jr25 - Picture 4

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