EBPG5200 Ultra-High Performance Electron Beam Lithography

Raith’s EBPG5200 is a high-performance nanolithography system integrated with full 200 mm writing capability. This electron beam lithography system offers a further evolutionary stage of the extremely successful and field-established EBPG series.

The EBPG5200 delivers a wide variety of innovative solutions for direct write nanolithography as well as R&D mask making in commercial centers of excellence and universities.

The system is available together with the EBPG5150, which uses the same general plinth platform based on a 155 mm x 155 mm stage system.

Improved Specifications

  • Extreme beam current up to 350 nA
  • Excellent direct write performance with overlay accuracy of less than or equal to 5 nm
  • Ultra-fast, low-noise pattern generator 125 MHz
  • Unmatched automatic calibration and task execution
  • Maximum resolution
  • Minimum feature size of less than 8 nm
  • 200 mm platform for up to 8″ wafer and 7″ masks
  • High current density Thermal Field Emission gun for operation at 20, 50, and 100 kV
  • Versatile configuration packages to guarantee a perfect fit with application requirements
  • Continuously variable large field size operation to 1 mm at all kVs
  • GUI for user-friendly operation for diverse “multi-user environment”

Modular System Architecture

The modular system architecture enables the adaptation of the system configuration to specific customer needs together with a structured upgrade strategy. This enables a path for tracking future technology trends as well as safeguarding the initial system investment of customers.

Shaping the Future of Nanoscience - New Specs for the EBPG

EBPG5200 Product Details

Main Applications

  • High-speed Direct Write
  • Anti-counterfeiting security elements
  • High KV for high aspect ratio nanostructures
  • Batch production, for example, compound semiconductor devices

Column Technology

  • 100 kV
  • EBPG
  • Electron


  • 10x autoloader
  • 8″ full travel
  • Large (vertical) Z travel option

EBPG5200 Ultra-High Performance Electron Beam Lithography

An 8 inch wafer is one of the possibilities to use in the 10-holder airlock
EBPG5200 Applications: Overlay accuracy of much better than 5 nm demonstrated on a zone plate (CRXO/LBL, Berkley, USA)
EBPG5200 Applications: A pair of single-photon nodes in an integrated circuit (M. Petruzzella, Eindhoven University of Tech­nology, Netherlands)
EBPG5200 Applications: Circular grating resonator (AMO GmbH, Germany)
EBPG5200 Applications: 6-nm resolution (100 kV, HSQ)(Raith)
EBPG5200 Applications: Vertical resonant tunnel transistor (FZ Juelich, Germany)
EBPG5200 Applications: Compound semiconductor application
EBPG5200 Applications: 5-nm dense lines (Delft University, The Netherlands)

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