EBPG5150 Direct Write Lithography

Raith’s EBPG5150 electron beam lithography system has been specifically developed for all direct write applications, based on a 155 mm x 155 mm stage using the same common plinth platform as the EBPG5200. It can load different sample sizes and quantities ranging from piece parts to complete wafer size.

Improved Specifications

  • Extreme beam current up to 350 nA
  • Superior direct write performance with overlay accuracy of less than or equal to 5 nm
  • Ultra-fast, low-noise pattern generator 125 MHz
  • Unmatched automatic calibration and task execution
  • Maximum resolution
  • 155 mm platform
  • High current density Thermal Field Emission gun for operation at 20, 50, and 100 kV
  • Minimum feature size of below 8 nm
  • Continuously variable large field size operation to 1 mm at all kVs
  • Versatile configuration packages to guarantee ideal fit with application requirements
  • GUI for user-friendly operation for diverse “multi-user environment”

Optional System Enhancements

The EBPG5150 system can be upgraded with several options to suit the customer’s commercial and technical requirements. This allows universities worldwide to access an ultra-modern, automated electron beam lithography system.

EBPG5150 Product Details

Main Applications

  • Anti-counterfeiting security elements
  • High-speed Direct Write
  • High KV for high aspect ratio nanostructures
  • Batch production, for example, compound semiconductor devices

Column Technology

  • 100 kV
  • EBPG
  • Electron


  • Automatic two holders as standard (10 holders as optional)
  • 6″ full travel

EBPG5150 Direct Write Lithography

Electron beam column of EBPG
EBPG5150 Applications: Test pattern with ultra-high resolution lines (5 nm) with 30 nm pitch. Pattern homogeneity is maintained over an entire wafer.
EBPG5150 Applications: GaAs T gate device
EBPG5150 Applications: Microdisk Resonator (Xufeng Zhang; Yale University, USA)
EBPG5150 Applications: Split ring resonators (PSI, Paul Scherrer Institute)

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