The AMERIGO from Cordouan Technologies is a 3-in-1 tool that combines all the innovations and technologies developed and patented by the company. The instrument has been engineered to carry out high-resolution zeta potential and nanoparticle size measurements, with the exclusive option to plug an external remote probe for in situ and contactless measurements.

AMERIGO integrates the sophisticated functionalities and performances of the WALLIS zeta potential analyzer and the VASCO Kin particle size analyzer. This enables high-resolution zeta potential measurements and high-resolution, real-time particle size kinetic measurements using a single instrument.

Moreover, the external in situ remote probe capability enables users to “bring the measurement” directly to the sample to perform contactless measurement without the need for sampling.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Three-in-one compact instrument: zeta potential, nanoparticle size, and remote in situ measurements
  • Artefact-free Avalanche Photodiode (APD) detector and frequency-stabilized laser ensure:
    • Very low scattering samples
    • Optimized measurement accuracy
  • Digital correlator incorporates post-measurement data analysis and dynamic time-slicing features
  • A comprehensive and dedicated software with sophisticated functionalities:
    • User-friendly interface
    • Full report including kinetic analysis
    • Photon-counts storage for post-analysis and time-resolved analysis
  • Improved mathematical models
    • 2D color map of size distribution over time
    • Enhanced reliability of results
  • Potential to carry out the measurements in a standard cell (10 mm x 10 mm cuvettes — no specific consumables) or using interchangeable remote heads (see below)
  • Highly durable vitreous carbon electrodes

Main Specifications

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Particle size range
  • Particle size: 0.5 nm up to 10 µm
  • Zeta potential: 1 nm to 100 µm
Sample concentration
  • 0.0001% to 10% w/% (solvent-dependent)
Zeta potential range
  • −500 mV to +500 mV
Temperature control range inside the cell
  • 10 °C to 70 °C; +/−0.1 °C (dependent on cuvette cell material)
Mobility range
  • 10−10 to 10−7 m2/V⋅s
Sample cell
  • Cuvette cell with optical quality windows compatible with organic solvents
Sample volume
  • Typically 750 µL (Hellma cell: 10 mm light path)
Sample type
  • Aqueous and organic solvents; pH: 1–14 (dependent on cuvette cell material)
Maximum sample conductivity
  • 300 mS/cm
Measurement technology
  • Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)
  • Laser Doppler Electrophoresis (LDE)
Laser source
  • Highly reliable 50 mW diode @635 nm coupled to automated attenuator; other wavelengths available upon request.
Measurement angles
  • Particle size: 170° (backscattering) and 17°
  • Zeta potential: 17°
Data processing algorithm
  • Real-time correlation (DLS)
  • Fast Fourier Transform (Zeta)
Resolution (Zeta)
  • Mobility = 10-10 m2/V⋅s or Zeta = 0.1 mV (in water)
  • Avalanche Photodiode (APD)
Computer interface
  • USB 2.0 — Windows 10, 32 and 64 bits
  • 33 cm x 33 cm x 38 cm (HWD)
  • 17 kg
Power supply
  • 100–115/220–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 100 W max.

AMERIGO—Advanced Nanoparticle Analyzer

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