Sync: Laser Diffraction and Dynamic Image Particle Analyzer

Sync from Microtrac is a synchronous laser diffraction and dynamic image particle analyzer that can synchronize shape and size measurement in a single instrument. In other words, one sample, one sample cell, one sample flow path, one bench, and one analysis.

  • Laser diffraction and image analysis are combined into a single instrument
  • Measurements from 0.01 to 4000 µm can be realized
  • Users can easily shift between dry and wet measurements

Changing the Paradigm for Material Characterization

Microtrac Sync is the world’s first synchronous size and shape particle analyzer in which laser diffraction technology is integrated with dynamic image analysis technology. Now, users can achieve their tried and true particle size distribution along with particle morphology in one, user-friendly graphical user interface.

In the Microtrac Sync, wet or dry particles are analyzed with laser light and, at the same time, images are captured by a high-speed digital camera. The resultant data is subsequently processed by Microtrac’s FLEX software, and users are finally presented with data relating to particle size and shape. In addition, the Sync instrument allows users to obtain more comprehensive data about their materials than ever before.

Shape and Morphology are Critical Factors in Understanding the Properties and Quality of Materials

The Sync is the ideal instrument designed for various dry and wet applications such as chemicals, ceramics, metal powders, glass beads, industrial minerals, cement, batteries, pharmaceuticals, additives, toners, paints, coatings, proppants, and many more.

Size and Shape Particle Analyzer: How it Works

A sample is first added to the TurboSync (dry materials) or the FlowSync (wet materials), and then dispersed across the system.

The patented tri-laser optical arrangement of Microtrac includes two always-on detector arrays and three diode lasers in fixed positions. The laser sequence then captures the scattered light across 165°. At the same time, a sample cell is illuminated by a separate LED light source, while real-time images of the sample are captured by a high-speed digital camera.

Users can readily switch between dry and wet systems, since delivery systems can be connected and disconnected effortlessly. In addition, all fluid and air couplings are automatic.

Sync Features

  • Easy and rapid transition between dry and wet systems—users can simply click and proceed
  • Synchronous shape and size analysis
  • Combines the world-class laser diffraction and dynamic image analysis technology in a single system
  • Compact bench footprint
  • Robust reporting that incorporates data relating to particle size and shape
  • User-friendly, built-in DIA and LD FLEX software
  • Sophisticated design for unparalleled dispersion of dry or wet material

Sync Benefits

  • The View Particles option enables users to view particles, and qualify more meticulously than ever possible before.
  • Troubleshooting time is considerably decreased when particle size is not what was anticipated.
  • The combination of ease of use and ease of changeover from wet to dry allows sites with numerous users to simply click and go when running varied materials. This means there is no learning curve and also no setup time, thanks to SOPs.
  • Particle shape certainly has an impact on the performance of particles, causing them to change. By using shape and size parameters, users can define their products in a more thorough and useful manner.
  • Same sample, same sample cell, same flow path, same bench—a single run produces PSD with over 30 shape and size parameters.
  • Quality control can be improved by adding shape to size specifications.

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