In Situ TEM Biasing and Heating System

DENSsolutions offers the Lightning In Situ TEM Biasing and Heating Series that offers users the ability to achieve real-time data about specimen dynamics, activated by temperature, electric fields, or both.

With the Lightning Series, users can now examine the next-generation nano-electronic materials and devices.

Lightning Application Fields

  • ReRam
  • Solar cells
  • Piezoelectronics

Sample Preparation with Conventional Techniques

Sample preparation methods used for preparing standard TEM samples such as particles, nanowires, and lamellas are well-suited for the Nano-Chip.

FIB lamellas happen to be the most widely used samples for biasing experiments. In association with a few close academic partners, DENSsolutions has created an exclusive FIB workflow using a custom-made FIB stub, particularly developed for the Nano-Chip.

Such a process considerably reduces the overall workflow time and ensures higher success in the transfer. Other techniques like micro-manipulators are well suited for sample preparation onto the Nano-Chip.


  • JEOL
  • FEI/Thermo Fisher Scientific

In Situ TEM Biasing and Heating

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Lightning Sample Holder
Lightning System

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