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CERES - Metal 3D printing with submicron resolution

The CERES system, developed by Exaddon AG, directly 3D prints metal under ambient conditions. The system builds complex structures with submicron resolution by additive manufacturing, opening new horizons in domains such as microelectronics, MEMS and surface functionalization.

The metal printing process is voxel based. Voxels are defined as elementary 3D blocks. Stacked in a layer-by-layer sequence at defined coordinates, the voxels form the desired 2D or 3D geometry. Free-standing structures and 90° overhanging angles are feasible without support structures, bringing true design freedom.

CERES – 3D printing system - key facts:

  • Printing volume of metal up to 6’000’000 µm3
  • Chamber volume 100 x 70 x 60 mm
  • Process speed up to 200 µm/s
  • Positioning jitter XY ±10 nm & Z ±3 nm

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