CT-1 Vibration Isolation Platform for Benchtop Microscopes

Minus K’s CT-1 Compact Tabletop is only a 2.25″-tall vibration isolation platform built on the company’s patented innovative technology that enables superior performance in a compact space.

The totally passive mechanical vibration isolator provides 10–100 times better performance compared to a full-size air table. The isolator achieves this without using any electricity or air.

The CT-1 vibration isolation platform is extremely user-friendly and provides Minus K’s signature 0.5 Hz vertical natural frequency and ~2.25 Hz horizontal natural frequency. There are only two adjustments. The CT-1 is suitable for benchtop microscopes of all types.

It is the most portable, thinnest, and most easy-to-use isolator ever built with the ability to deliver such a high performance. The platform can be set up and adjusted very easily.

Weight: Approximately 30 lb (13.6 kg)

Dimensions: 18″ W x 20″ D x 2.25″ H (457 mm W x 508 mm D x 117 mm H)


  • Horizontal frequency of ~2.25 Hz is realized at or near the upper boundaries of the payload range
  • Horizontal frequencies are weight-dependent
  • Vertical frequency can be adjusted to 0.5 Hz across the payload range
  • Horizontal frequency increases at lower payload weights

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