Simurg® Production ALD - Batch ALD Tool

Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) has been enhanced by OkyayTech as a manufacturing-grade technology, by upgrading the process and adding it into cluster tools and automation lines.

Users can get in touch with OkyayTech for their manufacturing necessities, for improved product quality and reliability, as well as lower operating costs and a greener footprint than other coating technologies.

The Simurg® production ALD system from OkyayTech is a suitable option for production ALD requirements. Simurg® is a batch ALD tool that can hold a huge number of substrates simultaneously.

Simurg® can also hold non-planar substrates for applications such as mint, jewelry, and equipment parts. Its special chamber design guarantees accurate films from every batch.

Custom ALD Chambers and Processes

OkyayTech’s team can help users with their production ALD necessities for non-planar or multi-wafer parts applications. OkyayTech has the potential and expertise to design and make ALD tools for coating semiconductor equipment parts.

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