Glovebox - Integrated ALD System

OkyayTech’s Glovebox Integrated ALD system consists of a stainless steel reactor chamber with substrate sizes of 100, 200 and 300 mm.

The system also includes up to eight precursor lines, solid/liquid/gas precursors delivery, heated gas manifold and delivery lines, MFC-controlled purge/carrier gas, and GUI/recipe-controlled isolation valve.

The Glovebox Integrated ALD system can be heated up to 250 °C standard (optionally up to 400 °C). The precursor lines can be separately heated up to 200 °C.

Application areas include ALD for energy storage and conversion, perovskite and tandem photovoltaic cells, and catalysts through ALD. OkyayTech has joined with corporate clients to create ALD recipes and deposition tools for Perovskite-Silicon Tandem Solar Cells Research.


  • Fully automatic system with recipe control
  • User-friendly GUI
  • Expert scientific support team and recipe library
  • High aspect ratio 3D Surround Coat™ for coatings with a high surface area

Glovebox — Integrated ALD System

Image Credit: OkyayTech

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