Thermo Scientific ARL QUANT'X Energy Dispersive XRF Analyzer

The ARL QUANT'X Energy-Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer from Thermo Fisher Scientific is a scientific instrument designed for the most challenging analytical requirements in laboratory and manufacturing environments. Its power and flexibility will maximize your productivity across a wide range of elemental analysis applications.

The ARL QUANT'X EDXRF offers any analyst:

  • Unparalleled sensitivity for trace analysis
  • World's only EDXRF instrument to break the 1 nanogram detection limit barrier
  • The highest measurement throughput for process control
  • The most advanced analytical algorithms for atypical materials
  • The greatest sample-handling flexibility
  • Mechanical simplicity and reliability for a lifetime of service
  • Compact footprint and ease of transport for field measurements
  • Rapid, easy installation and complete on-site customization

With the ARL QUANT'X, you no longer have to compromise on elemental range, analytical performance, sample type, or reliability. And Thermo Scientific provides more than equipment: you get a complete laboratory package that includes proven hardware, all-inclusive software, on-site method development and technical support - all backed by a responsive world-wide service organization armed with decades of expertise with hundreds of successful applications in X-ray fluorescence.

ARL QUANT'X Applications

  • Aerosol Particulate Filters
  • RoHS and WEEE compliancy analysis
  • Forensics and Trace Analysis
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Magnetic Media and Semiconductors

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