Holoprint®: Patented Imprint Technology

Stensborg’s patented imprint technology called Holoprint® enables users to directly imprint high-resolution, three-dimensional (3D) nano surface relief structures onto their pre- or post-printed web material, without using any prefabricated foils.

The Holoprint® is a simple, flexible, low-cost, two-step solution that works either as a standalone unit or with users’ existing printer.

How Users’ Business can Gain from Introducing Holoprint®

Users are in Charge

The Holoprint® allows users to have complete control of everything, right from design layouts to production planning. Since users can print the holograms themselves, the requirement for sub-contractors, the conventional holographic foil production supply chain, and the accompanying paperwork are fully eliminated.


The Holoprint® is as safe, if not safer, than a superior quality cold foil or a hot stamp foil, or cast and cure process. Moreover, all value building is done in-house for additional security.


Users can print on virtually all printing materials and the process can be tested on a variety of polymers, metal, and pre-printed paper. The process has also been developed to work on opaque substrates.

Shorter Lead-Times

For trial and demonstration runs, users can be “on-air” as fast as they can define and create a flexo plate. Currently, holograms can be printed at users’ sites in “real-time.”

How and Where Users Want It

The Holoprint® is different from the standard foil technology and allows users to produce a high-quality image and provide the precise location of that image.

Reducing Cost and CO2 Emissions

Since the Holoprint® process does not produce any waste, users can create more imprints for the same price and, at the same time, their hologram production will have reduced environmental impact.

Implementing Holoprint® into the Printing Process

Stensborg assists customers to apply and incorporate the Holoprint® into their printing process. Customers can contact the company’s experts to discuss their requirements and identify an optimal Holoprint® solution for them and their business.

Stensborg’s Services Include:

  • Prepress tooling to manage the prepress set-up in a fast and efficient way
  • Customized consumables, nano-imprinting templates, and light-curing resins
  • Service of the Holoprint® unit
  • Technical support from Stensborg’s skilled experts

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