Low Viscosity Demold Resin for Hologram Printing: DM56

DM56 is an acrylate-based, fast UV curing resin specifically developed for use on Stensborg’s Roll-2-Plate (R2P) and Roll-2-Roll (R2R) micro/nano imprint holoprinters.

Product Features

Developed as a low viscosity fast curing resin, the DM56 can be used with iron-doped mercury lamps as well as LEDs (365–405 nm).

Technical Data Sheet of DM56

Table Source: Stensborg

Type Acrylate-based UV curing demold resin
Viscosity Low: 40 cP at 25 °C
Typical curing dose ~64 mJ/cm2


Suggested Applications

The DM56 has been developed as a photoresist demold resin for producing working masters (WM) for the DeskTop HoloPrinter.

The resin can be used with different types of photoresists, for instance, Shipley Microposit S1800 series photoresist. It works very well with imprint replications resins such as DM57 and DM41, and also with replication resins like X29 and X30.


Post curing, the DM56 fixed on to a wide range of substrates, including, but not restricted to, PC, PVC, and PET. It must be noted that the treatment of the substrate surface, or lack of, can impact the DM56’s adhesion properties.

Storage and Handling


When handling the DM56 demold resin, appropriate protective gear, including protective gloves and goggles, should be worn all the time. The standard procedures intended for handling chemicals should also be followed in accordance with the resin’s material safety data sheet (MSDS).


The shelf life of the DM56 resins is at least 12 months from the date of manufacture, if they are maintained in their original containers, at temperatures from 5 °C to 25 °C and not exposed to direct sunlight.

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