ELMO - Glow Discharge System for EM Grids

A Glow Discharge treatment with a specific gas atmosphere will modify the surface properties of TEM support films or grids in order to optimize the adsorption of the solutions to spread.

TEM carbon support films have a hydrophobic tendency: a glow discharge with air makes the carbon film surface negatively charged and hydrophilic which allows an adsorption of aqueous solutions. However, a glow discharge treatment with amylamine the hydrophobic tendency of the carbon film is kept and the surface is charged positively allowing an adsorption of molecules like nucleic acids.

Glow Discharge System for EM grids

Negative staining of the viral capsids spread on a TEM grids without (left) and with (right) glow discharge treatment.

Key Features


  • Quick and easy loading of films or grids
  • Intuitive operation
  • Real-time display of process parameters (current, vacuum, time)


  • Glow discharge methods : hydrophilic or hydrophobic, negative or positive charge
  • Dual vacuum Bell Jars to avoid cross contamination
  • Anti-implosion glass for an easy cleaning and high secured process


  • Accurate injection control of gas or liquids
  • Accurate vacuum control using Pirani gauge
  • Soft venting (air or neutral gas) using quick inlet fitting

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