Novel Nanomaterials at the Push of a Button with the Nikalyte NL50

The Nikalyte NL50 benchtop nanoparticle deposition system has been designed for the researcher developing new and novel nanomaterials. The instrument generates a coating of non-agglomerated, ultra-pure nanoparticles. The NL50 is extremely user-friendly, with simple sample loading via a clear sample introduction door and touchscreen for easy system operation. The simple flip-top lid allows the user to switch materials in minutes to generate nanomaterials from a wide range of different materials, including gold, silver and platinum.

Applications include:

  •  Catalysis
  • Photonics
  • Antiviral surface
  • Antimichrobial surfaces
  • Sensors
  • Fuel cells
  • Energy harvesting
  • Electrocatalysis
  • Graphene
  • Electrochemistry


The Nikalyte team has over 20 years of experience developing equipment and nanocoatings for a wide range of applications including biosensors, fuel cells, antiviral and  antimichrobial  materials. This know-how has been built into the NL50 to provide optimized conditions and preset recipes for a range of common materials. Nikalyte's technology generates nanoparticles inside vacuum which leads to several advantages over nanoparticles synthesized chemically.     

Advantages of vacuum generated nanoparticles

  • Monodisperse and non-clumping
  • Ultra-pure crystalline nanoparticles
  • Hydrocarbon and ligand-free
  • Generated from 99.999% solid source material
  • Wide choice of inorganic materials, including Au, Ag, Pt, Cu, Ti, Ni, and more
  • Deposit nanoparticles as needed directly onto the target substrate


TEM images of silver (left) and gold (right) nanoparticles generated in the NL50. 

Image Credit: Nikalyte Ltd

Introducing the Nikalyte NL50 Bench-top nanoparticle deposition system

Video Credit: Nikalyte Ltd

NL50 Features

  • Preloaded recipes for many common materials
  • Precise control over surface loading 
  • Typical cycle times of 30mins
  • Optional plasma cleaning of substrates
  • Flexible substrate loading
  • Fully automated vacuum control


NL50 User interface (left) and flexible substrate holders gold (right).

Image Credit: Nikalyte Ltd 

Users can contact Nikalyte to discuss thier specific needs and the company will be glad to help them

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