The X-eye6200AXI Automatically In-Line Inspects Solder Joint Defects

The X-eye6200AXI In-Line X-ray Inspection System from SEC analyzes solder joint defects of PCBA and other similar defects found on concealed components. It can rapidly assess good/NG with an inspection rate of 0.3 second/FOV.

World Only Wire Automated X-ray Inspection System (X-eye 6200AXI)

Within the X-eye6200AXI system, the program can set the ROIs easily. When combined with other manufacturing equipment, the X-eye6200AXI system allows users to perform X-ray inspection in numerous production sites.


  • High-speed 2D In-Line Inspection System (0.3 sec/FOV)
  • Various defect inspection - BGA, Chip, QFN, QFP, etc
  • WAXI: Wire Automatic X-ray Inspection Detection of
  • wire defects possible (Shorts, sweep, missing, etc)
  • Application : Sensor/Camera Module/PKG Chip/SMD/PCB/LED/ECU


Source: SEC

Image Credit: SEC

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