Automatically X-ray Inspecting the Defects with High-Speed 3D CT (X-eye6300)

The High-Speed 3D CT Tomography inspection system from SEC automatically inspects product defects in a customer’s line.

[SEC] 3D In-line AXI Solution X-eye 6300 X-ray Inspection Machine

The system can resolve issues related to overlapped X-ray images, thus accurately inspecting all kinds of defects in double-sided PCBA and BGA-mounted components. It offers an inspection rate of 3.5 seconds per FOV from loading to automatic good/NG judgment.


  • High-speed 3D In-Line Inspection System (~3.5 sec/FOV)
  • Best Solution for both-side layered PCB
  • Various defects detectable - BGA, Chip component and etc.
  • Application : Sensor/ECU/Application Processor/PKG Chip/Automotive


Source: SEC

Image Credit: SEC

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