Custom Metal Coatings and Coated Substrates

Custom Metal Coatings

PlatypusTechnologies stocks a wide range of metals, such as Ag, Au, Pt, Al, Cr, Ti, Ni and W, to produce custom-made coatings for customers’ projects.

The company can also dice and cut silicon substrates and glass substrates according to customers’ required dimensions.

Customers can contact Platypus Technologies to discuss their projects with one of its in-house experts on custom metal coatings.

Metal Deposition Capabilities

  • Ultra-high vacuum process (10−8 Torr)
  • E-beam evaporation
  • Controlled metal deposition rates: 0.1 to 5 Å/second
  • High purity materials only (99.99% or more)
  • Shadow masking for customized patterns
  • Substrate rotation for excellent uniformity
  • Substrates up to 7″ diameter
  • Specialized class 10,000 clean-room facility

Customized Coated Substrates

For those looking for a custom-made coated substrate that is specific to their application needs, Platypus Technologies now offers a customized coating service for gold-thin films.

The company can create custom-made gold and/or titanium coatings for electrical, chemical, biological, materials science and engineering applications.

Platypus Technologies can coat customers’ substrates and, alternatively, it can coat its own substrates as per customers’ specifications.

Platypus Technologies can also scribe silicon and glass substrates according to customers’ required dimensions. The company stocks both standard and prime-grade aluminosilicate glass and silicon wafers for instant scribing and can even source other kinds of materials if required.

Request Information

For more information on customized coating projects, customers can contact Platypus Technologies.

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